Kharkiv Airport – Poltava

Kharkiv Airport – Poltava car service

If you need to get to Poltava as fast as possible you can use Kharkiv airport for arriving. It is just 140 km (86 miles) far from Poltava city so it is just 1 and a half hour of drive in a comfortable car. If you want to get to Poltava city from Kharkov airport fast, comfortable and safe – then you need to choose our car service that we provide 24/7.

Actually there are some buses and trains that you could use but we do not recommend that. There are a few reasons for that: long waits for your bus or train because they go to Poltava about twice a day, messed up schedules, not comfortable seats, a lot of people around who do not understand English, delays, delays, delays. So it is your right to choose how you want to spend your time: to use it for a business or to use it for adventures in the busses.

So book our Kharkiv Airport – Poltava car service 48 hours ahead and be sure that our driver will be waiting for you at the check point in time. In this way you could feel yourself safe and sure that you will get to Poltava fast and comfortable. We care about your satisfaction so we are always happy to organize car service from Kharkov to Poltava, to book a hotel or a nice apartment for you, to help to find your love. Feel free to contact our manager and ask any questions. We are waiting for you!

Kiev Borispol - Poltava

Kiev Borispol - Poltava car service

Poltava city is situated to the southern east from Kiev on the distance 350 kilometers or 218 miles. If you like to visit Poltava it will take you about 4-5 hours to get from Kiev Borispol to Poltava city by car service. There are three ways to get from Kiev Borispol (KBP) to Poltava city. You can use a bus service but travelling by bus is not a comfortable way because there are no new buses at the bus stations, the schedules are messed up sometimes - that could destroy all good mood for our visitors and travelling by bus will take about 7 hours. The train station is situated far from the airport, so you will need to look for a way to get there by yourself. It is a pity but there are not so many people in Ukraine who speak English well and could help you with purchasing tickets. You can try to get to Poltava city from Kiev Borispol by yourself if you like adventures and you have a lot of free time.

If you need secure and comfortable transfer from Kiev to Poltava you can use our Kiev Borispol - Poltava car service. Our car will be waiting for you in time at the airport. High skilled driver who speaks English will meet you at the check point. You can relax in a car and not worry about anything. Our car service and the responsible person will bring you to the hotel that we help you to book or to the apartments and will make sure that you stay in a comfortable room and you have all utilities you requested for.

Our Pick up service – it is Safety and Comfort of our guests.

If you would like to request Kiev Borispol - Poltava car service just contact our manager. She will help you with everything!

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