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Ladiesua is a company with a huge experience, we are the only one local company with our own system of chat and scam protection. ladiesua is a professional team who help our own clients and men who came to us after they did not get what they wanted with other companies. All the services we provide make you a day closer to your wedding.
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After you fill in your profile, you get free trial to try use our services and learn how it works for free.
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Our company was verified though all the needed procedures of VISA security, as long as this business is kind of different from a regular online store. You can use your credit or debit card, including Visa, MasterCard to purchase credits. Credit card numbers and all submitted data are encrypted and are highly secure. On some occasions, your credit card may be declined for payment because of several possible reasons:
  • Invalid CCV – the CCV number is the last three digits printed on the signature strip on the back of the card
  • Incorrect expiry date
  • Card is overdrawn
  • There may be an overseas or Internet block on the card – contact your issuing bank for further information
  • Other issues - contact us
What you should know to make your search easy and bring you to marriage?

We offer you the help of a professional dating agent absolutely for free. Follow our recommendations and your search will be pleasant and you will find your love.

You should know that there are many companies in the matchmaking market . And many are oriented exceptionally on getting money by any mean. We openly speak about it because unfortunately there is a lot of scam. We have developed a system which will maximum save you from it , as we strongly believe. If our manager gives you a piece of advice it does not mean he decides for you what to do. But the manager`s words are to be heard. We know lots of stories from clients from other sites. We do not want to look at you just as a wallet thing, or a sponsor for a sick relative or the one who will get the last iPhone for a lady whom you never met in real and will never see, because they just can bring for a meeting a similar lady to the picture you saw on the site (such things happen). There is no need to think that men in Ukraine are bad, etc. We give ladies freedom of choice with whom to build their future. So, if you really want to be happy - be honest first of all, the rest we will help you with.

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